Golden age (1938-1955)

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Prices are per comic

Surcharge for comics with raw values of $1000 and more.


* Dry Clean: Removes surface dirt for a fresh look.
* Dent Removal: Smooth out imperfections and make your comics shine.
* Hot pressing: Elimination of all "pressable" defects for a flawless appearance.
* Cold pressing: Prevent the return of wrinkle conditions and maintain optimal condition.
* Before & After Pictures: Experience the amazing transformations of your comics!
* Communication & Notifications: Stay up to date with convenient updates via email or WhatsApp.

 + €70,- surcharge for comics with raw values of $1.000,- and more per article.


* Fast Track

Take advantage of our accelerated turnaround time for these comics. Order now and enjoy a fast and efficient service to get your comics in top condition quickly.

* Deep Clean

Discover our specialized services for comics, including page brightening, dark spot treatment, removal of heavy soiling, and reduction or elimination of deep indentations and wrinkles. Give your collection a new lease of life – order now

* Spot Clean

If a complete deep clean is to much, we offer our Spot Clean Service. This offers more targeted treatment of stains, removal of heavy soiling or minor water damage. Only isolated stains are removed here!

* Spine Roll

The repair of a spine roll takes about +/- 3 weeks, depending on the condition of the comic. Trust us to provide your comic with a professional and timely restoration.

* Mold & Odor treatment

We offer specialized services for mold and odor treatment. The duration of this treatment varies depending on the condition of the comic and is approximately +/- 2 weeks. Trust us to thoroughly clean your comics and rid them of unpleasant odors.

Important notes on comic cleaning:

1. Condition of the comics: Please note that the comics should not be excessively brittle or fragile before the cleaning process, especially at the corners, edges, spines or brackets. This ensures that the cleaning process leads to a significant improvement.

2. Risks: We cannot guarantee that new defects will not occur during treatments, especially with older books. We take extreme care with valuable collector's items to maintain their condition.

3. Foil Cover Comics: Please note that foil cover comics like Venom Lethal Protector cannot be pressed because they tend to melt. We recommend an individual treatment.

If I feel that the risk of cleaning a comic is too high, I reserve the right to refuse to clean it. Your collectibles deserve only the best possible care.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

NOTE: The processing time can take 4 to 8 weeks.

Payment only by bank transfer or PayPal (F&F)